Peter Sheinfeld, 1947-2016.
by Fred Baker, former CRCC Chairman [2004-2008]
March 28, 2017

It's been 1 year (today, 3/28/17) since the sudden death of Peter Sheinfeld. This is difficult to fathom, and most of us were incredulous at the time upon hearing this depressing news. To this day I find myself -- occasionally -- STILL thinking of various items that'd be interesting to discuss with or ask him, and having to actively remind myself that I can't do so anymore. Peter was one of my best friends and a close neighbor from when I lived on Inman Street and was involved with the Republican City Committee. Many Wednesday night dinners at the S&S and the receptions at my place after with him and a varying stable of others who'd stop by will be forever memorable, as were the events he generously hosted at his Lee Street home. Peter's presence at ANY event was often all people talked about afterwards -- his personality and humanity were outsized. Sad also is the loss of his impressive body of knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, much of it obscure, but that's a compliment from me: there are questions even today I wish I could ask him to which I'm comfortable in saying only he'd know the answer. There were none like him, and no one alive approaches his simultaneous blend of kindness, humor, originality, bluntness and dare I say eccentricity. Peter's impossible to forget, and thankfully I doubt anyone ever will.